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VCTGUI.htm created 03-Feb-2003

Readme File for VCTGUI.exe v1.01

This file contains

1  Overview

VCTGUI.exe is the VCT-Tester for the Marvell Alaska family.

 This program runs only with Windows 2000 and XP.

2  Required Files

To install the program, the following files are required:

	VCTGUI.exe	VCT-Tester Program.
	AdapIds.xml	Adapter Identifier concept.
	VCTHlpUS.htm	Help file.

3  Installation Instructions

Copy all the files into a folder you created and run 	VCTGUI.exe 
to start the application.

4  Troubleshooting

Remember: This program only runs with Windows 2000 or XP.

5  History

Support for OEMs

First Version
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