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Windows 95 Drivers
V128_0166.EXE 04-07-98 VELOCITY 128 Windows 95 Display Drivers Release 1.66 1.22MB (WHQL Certified, OpenGL Support)
IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time, the Velocity 128 drivers that have OpenGL support do not have TV out capability. STB Systems is aware of the issue, and we are working to resolve this matter. Until this is resolved, please continue to use the 1.3.2 drivers for TV out capability. If you plan to run OpenGL applications, please use the driver version 1.6.6

V128_132.ZIP 01-23-98 VELOCITY 128 Windows 95 Display Drivers Release 1.32 1.22MB (WHQL Certified)
V98_30V.ZIP 01-23-98 VELOCITY 128 VISION 98 Release 3.00V 2.2MB Do not try to install the display drivers from this release of Vision 98
Windows NT Drivers
NT4_1030.ZIP 01-19-98 Velocity 128 Windows NT 4.0 Display Drivers Release 1030 (WHQL Certified)
NOTE: Service Pack 3 must be loaded for this driver to work.